Certification in Transcultural Nursing began in 1987.  A certification committee was established and developed a
multiple choice examination, followed by an oral examination. The first examination was administered in 1988.
Testing usually took place at the Annual Conference of The Transcultural Nursing Society (TCNS). In 2004, the
Board of Trustees appointed a Certification Task Force to review current practices and make recommendations for
future directions in certification. The Task Force completed its work and the Certification Commission (TCNCC) was
established by the TCNS Board of Trustees in 2006. The TCNCC began its extensive work of organization and
development of a new test and testing process in 2007. The first pilot exam of the new advanced test was
accomplished in January and February of 2009.  The Transcultural Nursing second pilot exam was given in June
and July 2009. The new advanced exam and procedure was implemented in December 2009.   The Basic
Certification Exam was piloted in late 2011 and early 2012.  Basic Transcultural Certification was implemented in
2012.   Advanced and Basic Certification in Transcultural Nursing demonstrates to nurse colleagues, patients,
employers, and others, the knowledge, experience, and commitment to transcultural nursing  

*Certification in transcultural nursing and the credentials CTN-A and CTN-B are recognized by ANCC as part
of the Magnet program.   Both the CTN-A(Advanced) and the CTN-B(Basic) Transcultural Certifications
appear on the list of national certifications which can be listed on the DDCT.  Here is a link to the listing:  
http://www.nursecredentialing.org/Magnet/Magnet-CertificationForms .  
"That the culture care needs of  people in the world will
be met by nurses prepared in Transcultural Nursing."
Madeleine Leininger
Founder Transcultural Nursing Society
Certification in Transcultural Nursing