The purpose of the TCN Scholars is to recognize persons who have demonstrated exemplary creative leadership by advancing
transcultural nursing and
health care research, education, practice and/or administration within local national or global contexts.  
Although there may be a rare exception, these persons, referred to as scholars, have studied with a teacher, formally or informally,
and then continue to study and promote scholarship among others.  Transcultural nursing scholars are creative leaders who
demonstrate characteristics such as experience, insight, imagination and leadership through engagement with ideas, persons, and
organizations to facilitate research, education and practice of transcultural nursing and health care.


The TCN Scholars is established  to promote the advancement of a body of knowledge, initiate and disseminate    research,
teaching and learning, and the clinical applications of transcultural nursing and healthcare globally.  


  1. Establish mechanisms for identifying and recognizing outstanding scholars and mentors in transcultural nursing and
    healthcare globally.
  2. Establish criteria for differentiating levels of competence in transcultural nursing.
  3. Utilize leadership in the dissemination and implementation of concepts, models, theories and research relevant to
    transcultural health care and education.
  4. Promote implementation of culturally congruent and competent care through education, research, practice and
  5. Create a forum for exploring innovative approaches to the present and emerging issues in transcultural healthcare.
Transcultural Nursing Society Scholars